Our vision: Intelligent customer self-service

ENACOMM envisions a world in which customer self-service intelligently interacts with data securely and in context, providing an exceptional, seamless customer experience.

ENACOMM: Multi-tenant, multi-branded, multi-modal.


Serve the critical needs of your organization and your customers with fully partitioned, multi-tenant systems. Using a feature-rich, secure infrastructure these platforms will improve your organization’s operational efficiency and provide flexible, autonomous self-management.


Select a unique persona, implement your corporate branding and present a unified brand experience to your customers.


Provide your customers with more than just voice access. From the Internet to mobile phones and tablets, your organization can offer multi-modal applications, communicating with your customers via their channel of choice. You’ll also receive real-time information for your management team via all available communication channels.

From IVRs to tablets, phones, and computers, your organization and your customers will benefit from unified data and an intelligent customer experience.