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Do you want to enable financial applications in partnership with a specific bank or credit union? Do you want to build a financial application to run on multiple banking core processors? Do you want to launch a neobank, challenger, or digital-only bank? ENACOMM is the right technology partner for the data and services connections you need.

ENACOMM is the right technology partner for what you need

ENACOMM’s Open API stack goes beyond open banking to fill the data and services gap. Through ENACOMM’s available interfaces, FinTech companies have access to 80+ integrations to core processors, payment systems, online banking providers, KYC data aggregators, and biometrics systems providers.

Build any type of financial application

With this kind of data, money movement, and security access, FinTechs can build virtually any type of financial application, with the ability to choose their back end processor and payments provider(s) through a single integration partner with a homogenized system of interfaces.

Full banking stack

In combination with ENACOMM’s partner ecosystem, FinTechs are empowered with the “full banking stack” to launch their own complete banking services system.

ENACOMM is the right partner for your journey

Whether you are looking to build upon the existing banking ecosystem for a user or to offer your own neobank, ENACOMM can help put the right pieces together to make it happen.

User Onboarding

  • Enrollment
  • Account funding

Move Money

  • Internal & external transfer
  • Real-time payments
  • Credit and Debit processing
  • ACH
  • Wires

Account Information / User Management

  • User information
  • Balances
  • Transaction history
  • Loans
  • Credit cards

Security and Anti-fraud

  • KYC: Multi-agency integrated system
  • Biometrics enrollment and authentication

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