Advanced IVA for financial services

Transform your customer experience and rise above the competition.

Emerie, the most advanced, accessible artificial intelligence (AI)-backed Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) for banking

Emerie is now available to financial institutions of all sizes. Emerie’s AI technology learns about and comes to know users by continuously analyzing performance metrics and integrating new information, delivering an improved user experience with every customer interaction.

Banks and credit unions face CX challenges that must be overcome, including:

  • Financial institution websites hard to navigate
  • Agents only available during business hours
  • Ongoing customer/member feedback difficult to gather
  • Agents wasting time on easily-solved customer/member issues 

Emerie takes customer experience and self-service in financial services to the next level by:

  • Making it quick and convenient to find answers to questions, such as, “What’s the bank’s routing number?” or “What are the bank’s branch locations and hours?” 
  • Staying available always, 24/7
  • Cultivating an AI learning loop, so the IVA gets smarter over time, as the collection of data grows
  • Freeing up customer service agents to focus on complex and meaningful customer/member interactions by automating simple requests

With Emerie, banks, credit unions and FinTechs can brand and customize the customer experience to set themselves apart and adapt as needs change. All of ENACOMM’s CX technologies can integrate with any contact center solution to deliver seamless user experiences, and can be utilized across multiple interaction channels, including web chat, mobile web, phone, and SMS.

ENACOMM captures behavioral, transaction and preference data to deliver personalized experiences, and Emerie uses that data to solve problems that financial institutions face every day. In the role of virtual receptionist, Emerie answers users’ basic questions and routes them to the right place. Also serving as a virtual teller, Emerie knows and understands customers and members, and is always on call to provide account and transaction info.

Emerie Virtual Receptionist:

  • Customized chat window on financial institution website
  • Customized voice to answer customer/member calls
  • Customized responses adapted to each channel 
  • 50+ topics understood
  • Multiple languages offered

Emerie Virtual Teller:

  • Authenticates callers
  • Retrieves account balances
  • Lists and searches transactions 
  • Makes payments
  • Transfers funds
  • Manages cards
  • Helps with upsell and cross-sell by recommending products and services

Reach out to the ENACOMM team for a demo and to learn more:

To view webinar "Offer Seamless CX by Leveraging AI and Rejecting Siloed Solutions - ENACOMM's emerie" - Click Here

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