MovoCash Inc., a mobile banking app provider, has partnered with fintech ENACOMM to integrate its interactive voice response technology into MovoCash's app. The IVR solution can respond to verbal customer requests, direct calls and help retain customers, according to a press release.

Movo's app allows customers to deposit, pay, receive, send money and convert cryptocurrency to dollars. The app will also utilize ENACOMM's Engage portal to customize the IVR system and the virtual interactive analyst for analytics.

"Movo is one of the most innovative companies in the fintech space, having developed a truly unique and secure mobile banking solution that's revolutionizing payments," Michael Boukadakis, ENACOMM founder and CEO, said in the release. "ENACOMM is excited to support MOVO in its upward trajectory and looks forward to bringing additional technologies to Movo's ecosystem."

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