MovoCash, Inc., a creator of ON-DEMAND Mobile Banking with End-to-End CONTACTLESS payments, all in one app, has chosen FinTech enablement company ENACOMM to deploy a modern customer self-service solution, including next-generation Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Through the strategic partnership, MOVO will integrate ENACOMM technologies to its fully patented financial service ecosystem.

MOVO empowers customers to instantly and securely deposit, mint, pay, receive, save, send, spend money and convert crypto to USD from their mobile phones, in real time. Via a self-contained ecosystem, MOVO delivers a comprehensive set of “digital cash” financial solutions on-demand, all in a contactless environment.

“The current banking industry is not inclusive, and the systems haven’t changed much in decades,” said Eric Solis, founder and CEO of MovoCash, Inc. “MOVO’s mission is to bring quality banking services to the masses—and excellent customer self-service is key to delivering on that goal. MOVO is happy to call ENACOMM our partner as we passionately build an industry-leading customer experience for our users.”

ENACOMM’s data-powered IVR solution responds to verbal customer requests with human-like understanding, unlike systems with limited verbiage or number-specific options in a standard menu. The technology uses customer intelligence to efficiently direct calls, personalization to help retain customers, and context preservation to offer fast, seamless self-service.

MOVO will also utilize ENACOMM’s Engage portal, which allows for quick and easy customization of the IVR system. ViA® (Virtual Interactive Analyst)—ENACOMM’s analytics tool that features real-time activity tracking, reporting, monitoring, and alerting—will enable MOVO to monitor usability feedback and IVR trends and continuously tune the IVR to ensure customer satisfaction.

“MOVO is one of the most innovative companies in the FinTech space, having developed a truly unique and secure mobile banking solution that’s revolutionizing payments,” commented ENACOMM Founder and CEO Michael Boukadakis. “ENACOMM is excited to support MOVO in its upward trajectory and looks forward to bringing additional technologies to MOVO’s ecosystem.”

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