The fintech ENACOMM said it has entered into a partnership with PSCU to help credit unions to streamline mobile application and website development. The agreement enables credit unions across the U.S. to roll out new mobile apps and websites through PSCU’s prepaid product line with next-generation functionality, including biometric authentication, according to the company.

“With our digital-first product strategy, PSCU is committed to helping credit unions deliver enhanced digital experiences to their members – and smartly-designed digital interaction channels are essential for success in today’s increasingly digital world,” said Cody Banks, vice president of payment & fraud solutions at PSCU. “Our partnership with ENACOMM makes a process that typically demands considerable time and investment significantly more efficient, better enabling our credit unions to help their members seamlessly conduct essential prepaid banking needs through their preferred channel.”

White-Labeled Solutions

According to ENACOMM, through the agreement the prepaid mobile application and website platforms were built once and deployed multiple times for PSCU credit unions. The white-label solutions make it possible for each credit union to brand the platforms to appear as if they were custom-built for the financial institution, the company added.

“The prepaid mobile application includes modern money-management functionality, such as smart budgets with personalized guidance and alerts that help users stay within their set limits, auto-categorization of expenses, set-aside goal tracking, and mobile check deposit,” the company said. “It is also highly secure, with two-factor authentication, touch and face identification, and real-time alerts and notifications, in addition to providing users the ability to easily lock and unlock their cards.

‘Unique Advantages’

“Credit unions have unique advantages over big banks, such as local presence and deep member relationships, but one challenge has been lack of budget to build modern technology on par with the offerings of banks in the billion and trillion-dollar clubs,” said ENACOMM CEO Michael Boukadakis.

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